Our Solutions

We help you create a thriving community at work


The workplace is a complex and adaptive system, in which people are the most vital resource. We help you nurture and sustain your people with customized solutions, designed to support the individual, team and organization as a whole.


We can help in good times and in bad times. 



We help you develop strong leaders & teams

We coach individuals and teams. We help you get really clear on what matters. We hold you capable and accountable. We broaden your perspectives on decision-making, bring out your strengths, relocate your mojo. We get teams aligned around purpose.  If you are aiming to up your game, consider one of our signature services: Our proprietary 360 Assessment for leaders is customized just for you. And, our Team Reboot is a great way to help a team move through change settle into the new normal.


We help you lead and navigate change

We offer: strategic planning, change management advising, human resources design, and troubleshooting. We like to be involved on the front end of things, to align your people strategies to your overall business strategies, to design new on-boading processes or employee engagement initiatives to create a winning culture. But, even the best laid plans can go sideways. If they do, we troubleshoot. We offer solutions to  support leaders in reclaiming trust and momentum. We customize solutions for your planned changes or your unexpected snafus.  


We help you work through conflict

Conflict happens. We each have different ideas about how to get things done. We bring different world views and different personalities to the situation.  And yet, working through conflict can be personally transformative and shift relationships. Which then leads to better decisions, better results.  When conflicts are getting in the way of your team performing at their best, we can help cut through the mess and get people talking and working better together. 

Call us to help you untangle whatever has you stuck.  

Talk with us about our 360 assessments, one-to-one coaching packages and our Team Reboot program. 

Call us to discuss your needs for leading change. 

Sandbox helps you thrive by creating a culture and a community that attracts great people and makes them want to stay.


Our solutions are customized around your specific needs.